Meet the complete, indoor hydroponic smart garden

Experience the Joy: Our Gardeners' Hydroponic Success Stories!

Taste the difference as you savor the freshest, most flavorful greens and herbs, knowing you've played a part in their journey from seed to plate.

Eat mindfully

Connecting people with the food they eat

Elevate your home

The Rise Gardens are designed to beautifully fit the home of your dreams. Bring the wonders of hydroponics right to your doorstep.

No green thumb required

The Rise Gardens App tells you exactly when your plants need water and nutrients.

Indoor Garden vs Store Bought Produce

Flavors you won't find at the grocery store

Grocery store

Your Rise Garden

Farmers market

Nutrients 1x Nutrients 70x’ Nutrients 30x
Price $5 x lettuce head Price $2.75 x lettuce head Price $8 x lettuce head
Miles traveled 1000-3000 Miles traveled Zero Miles traveled 50-100
Pesticides Synthetic Pesticides None Pesticides Natural pesticides
Fresh 1 to 7 days Fresh Always fresh Fresh 24 hs
Food waste Up to 8 lb per household a week Food waste None Food waste Up to 8 lb per household a week

When you grow your own food, it’s more flavorful, less expensive and better for you and the planet.

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