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Warranty Policy

Warranty & Germination Guarantee

Limited Warranty Policy - Indoor Gardens

All our Indoor Gardens come with a 3-year warranty for hardware components and 1-year warranty on electronic components against defects in workmanship and materials.

To be eligible for a warranty replacement you must have proof of purchase (order number or email confirming purchase) and be the original owner of the Indoor Garden.

Damage due to normal wear and tear, improper or negligent assembly, maintenance, accident, abuse, improper or abnormal use, and relocation is not covered under the warranty.

System failures related to plants that grow too large, are not maintained, and interfere with the normal functioning of the Garden's system are not covered under this warranty.

Damage Reporting - Indoor Gardens

To report an issue with, or damage to, your Rise Garden, please contact us, HERE, with a description of how the damage occurred and at least two, clear and well-lit photos of the affected area.

If you are experiencing an issue with you Garden and have not already, please check out the below troubleshooting resources:

Troubleshooting your Family Garden Pump
Troubleshooting your Personal Garden Pump
Connecting your Garden to WiFi

If your situation is not covered under our warranty, we have replacement parts for our Garden listed on our website, HERE.

Germination Guarantee - Seed Pods

All our Seed Pods come with a 1-year germination guarantee, which covers defects in materials, workmanship, and guarantees successful germination of seeds for up to one year from date of purchase with proper storage and use.

To be eligible for replacement you must have proof of purchase (order number or email confirming purchase). This guarantee shall not apply to problems arising from:
Germination attempted in a system other than a Rise Gardens' Nursery
Germination of seeds not provided by Rise Gardens
Failure to adhere to Seed Pod instructions and/or our Quick Start Guide
Improper use, maintenance or storage of Seed Pods, or use of materials not provided by or recommended by Rise Gardens in or on the plants grown
This guarantee excludes all incidental or consequential damages. Rise Gardens may replace a non-germinating Seed Pod with another Seed Pod of its choosing or a credit of equal value.

To report an issue with Seed Pods, please contact us, HERE, with details of the affected Pod(s) and at least two, clear and well-lit photos of the affected Pod(s). Please allow Seed Pods at least 14 days to attempt to germinate in your Rise Garden Nursery before reaching out.

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