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The smart garden that grows with you

The beauty of a garden — right inside your home. This modern, modular indoor garden fits in any room of any size home, allowing you to grow your own food. Grow up to 108 plants.

Seed Pods

Our plant experts have developed more than 70 varieties of seeds that will thrive in your Rise Garden. Our seed pods are made from a combination of coco coir and peat moss!

The Rise Nursery

Plant your seeds and watch them sprout. Your seedlings will be ready to plant into the garden in just a few days. The Rise Nursery creates the perfect environment for your seeds to sprout and thrive--maximizing yields and cultivating staggered growth for continuous harvests.

Plant, Grow, Harvest + Repeat

Enjoy a farm-to-table experience you don’t need to leave home for. It’s sure to sprout a passion for having healthy, fresh ingredients right within reach.


Black thumbs are a thing of the past. Everyone has a green thumb thanks to the Rise Garden and our patent-pending SmartCare technology.The Rise Gardens guides you every step of the way, reminds you when to add water and nutrients, and guides you along the way. It's a personal professional gardener in your pocket.

Turn your plants into plates™

Fully customize your garden to your needs and preferences. From fresh herbs to crisp veggies to leafy greens, the possibilities are endless. Source fresh ingredients like a chef and harvest exactly what you need for dinner--no more, no less. Whip up your favorite plant-forward recipes or try something new!

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