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The New Rise Garden

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Choose your garden size
Grow up to 36 veggies, fruits, leafy greens and more with the new award-winning Rise Garden.
Choose your garden color
Ships in 2-3 weeks

Starter bundle included with every Rise Garden.

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  • Ships in 2-3 weeks
  • 90 day return
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  • Seeds (16 Starter Plant Variety Pack)

    You’ll get a mix variety of herbs and greens, enough to fill your garden for the first month. 8x Lettuce mix, 2x Basil, 2x Cilantro, 2x Parsely, 1x Celery, 1x Chive.
    Our plant pods are made from organic peat moss and coco coir and provide the perfect blend of air, organic matter and water. Our seeds are selected to give you the best hydroponic growing experience possible. Each variety is tested for hydroponic success.
    *Seed pod variety may change due to availability.
  • Supplies (First Harvest)

    You’ll get 18x net cups per level, 3x 4-pod trays per level and one month’s worth of hydroponic nutrients: 1 starter-size bottle of Sprout, 1 starter-size bottle of Thrive, 1 starter-size bottle of pH Balance. As plants grow in your garden, they’ll need different amounts of micro and macronutrients. We provide you a starter kit with everything your plants need in every stage of their first 30 days.
  • Nursery Pack

    The base comes with 1 Rise Garden Nursery.
 Each extension comes with a nursery and 12x netcups.The Rise Gardens Nursery allows seeds to grow big and strong in the early stages of life, which sets the trajectory for the rest of the plant’s growth and yield.The 4 pod capacity ensures staggered growing in order to maximize garden yields & continuous harvesting.
  • App

    Black thumbs are a thing of the past. Everyone has a green thumb thanks to the Rise Garden and our SmartCare technology.The Rise Gardens App will remind you when to water, add nutrients and harvest your plants. It's your personal gardening expert, guiding you every step of the way

This garden is amazing! I highly recommend it and if you have children I recommend it even more! My daughter (5) loves our garden and has been learning so much from it!

Samantha E.

The truly smart garden

 Built for gardeners, by gardeners (and engineers and plant scientist and a lot of other smart people)

Rise Gardens System
  • Professional 30W LED full spectrum lights that mimic the natural light of the sun to maximize plant growth.
  • Wifi-enabled The App guides you step-by-step through the growing process with reminders, tips, tricks and more.
  • Voice controlled Care for your Garden from the couch with Alexa's help.
  • Self-watering 9-gallon system only needs weekly replenishing. Automatically delivers the perfect amount of water to your plants.
  • Modular system Expandable garden allows you to add up to 3 levels and expand up to 36 plants per level with
  • Included Starter Kit to help you launch your growing journey light features and scheduling.

No Green Thumb Required

The Rise Gardens app tracks your indoor garden's progress, reminds you when to add water and nutrients, and guides you along the way. It's your very own gardening assistant in your pocket.

How Rise works

Get more frequent harvests with our horizontal watering system, uniquely designed to keep plant roots bathed in more water for faster growth.

  • 1. Fill your gardens' tank weekly

  • 2. Add pH to balance water acidity

  • 3. Add Nutrients guided by The Rise App

  • 4. After 30 days, harvest food daily

Turn Alexa into your gardening assistant.

Reviewed and Loved by real life gardeners

FAQs about the new Rise Garden

  • Yes! The New Rise Garden has a modular design that allows you to scale the size of your Garden from 1 level to 3 levels. In a Single Garden, you can add additional levels at any time. You can also utilize 8-pod Tray Lids and 12-pod Tray Lids to increase the harvesting yield from your Garden.
  • Each level comes equipped with Tray Lids that allow you to grow 12 plants in each level of the Garden.You can expand capacity with our 12-pod tray lids and gro up to 36 plants per level.
  • No matter your expertise level, or what you're looking to grow, we have an indoor garden that is perfect for you! Now you can grow your favorite herbs and veggies year round!
  • Our smart Rise Gardens App makes calculations each week to help you add nutrients into your Garden. When running “Care,” the app will instruct you to add a combination of Sprout, Thrive, Blossom, and pH Balance that is customized to your Garden!
  • We´ve designed our Nurseries to be the perfect humid, warm environment that is optimal for germination and creating strong, resilient plants. Additionally, it allows you to grow your Garden in "stages" so that you can harvest your plants all around the same time, rather than harvesting your shorter-life plants (like lettuces) before you harvest your longer-life plants (like basil). For more information, please check out our Nursery Guide . And, for more information about how to stage your Garden, please check out our Plant Spacing Guide, .
  • Yes, there is some storage space inside the cabinet for room to store your plant nutrients and your extra seed pods.
  • You will receive 16 complimentary seed pods with the purchase of your Garden. These seeds will be an assorted mix of lettuces, herbs, and leafy greens. If you’d like to purchase some additional seeds to grow in your Garden, you can browse our available varieties here . Or, if you’d like to grow plants that are not available on our website yet, you can purchase Seedless Pods here . Note that our seed varieties have been tested and approved by our Plant Scientists to grow well in a hydroponic environment. We cannot guarantee that other plants will grow well using our hydroponic system.

5% off seeds on orders +$30

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