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This extension is for the original Family Garden and is not compatible with The New Rise Garden

Add Up To 3 Levels per Indoor Garden

The modular system of our indoor garden allows you to upgrade by adding a level at any time. Each level comes with 3x 4 pod trays which allow you to grow up to 12 additional plants per level out of the box.

Need more? upgrade to 12 pod tray lids to increase your indoor garden capacity to up to 36 plants per level!

Set up in minutes

Set up the extension level garden at any time in 15 minutes. It comes with everything you need for set up. Just follow your guide, tap in water and add your pods directly to your trays.

Loved by Gardeners


Growing tomatoes in the winter with my kids has been the most rewarding thing! I didn't expect how much we would all love it!

Our family has acquired both a new hobby and been able to keep fresh greens, herbs and some veggies on hand everyday single day.

I love my indoor risegarden. I love that I can grow my own food. It's amazing to get the fresh herbs and lettuce I need.

Keep your plants and your pocket happy with our nutrient box subscription. Save 50% on your first year!

Reviewed and Loved by real life gardeners

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help
  • Our smart app will guide so you know when and how much nutrients to add. Ph balance and Thrive will be added weekly. Blossom and sprout will only be used for fruited veggies.
  • No. You will need a single or Double Indoor Garden to connect the extension.
  • A Family garden extension allows you to grow 12 seed pods out of the box and to expand to a maximum of 36 seed pods at a time by adding 12 pod trays.
  • No matter your expertise level, or what you're looking to grow. We have an indoor garden that is perfect for you! Now you can grow your favorite herbs and veggies year round!
  • TIt takes around 20 minutes to add a garden extension. You will find detailed instructions on our help center.
  • You get 16 seed pods of assorted Lettuce and Herb varieties. We offer a wide variety of flowers, greens, fruited veggies and microgreens to grow in our garden. We also offer empty seed pods for curious gardners that want to grow other varieties. You should know we guarantee perfect sprout for Rise Gardens Seed Pods but we cant ensure anything else will grow as good. Remember to use Rise Gardens Nutrients for optimal growth use our nutrients.

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