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Personal Garden

This indoor garden is perfect for every home. Same technology as the Family Garden with smart features that make it easy to grow the freshest and healthiest herbs and veggies year-round. Perfect size if you are tight on space only takes up 18 inches of space while giving you up to 8 plants out of the box.

Note on Shipping: Due to high demand, we are currently sold out of Personal Gardens. You can still purchase, however, expected shipped date is March 2021.

  • $449.00 CAD

Personal Garden

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Your Personal Garden specs

  • Indoor garden dimensions

    18 x 11 x 16 inches (L x D x H)

    20 lbs

  • Indoor garden Yield

    8 plant pods out of the box. Upgrade to 12 pod tray to increase yield.

  • Self Watering & Grow Lights

    1 gallon self watering system keeps plants watered & oxygenated for about one week. Grow lights are custom LED panel, that mimc the sun & provides the broad spectrum of light plants need to grow.

  • Included With Indoor Garden

    8 seeded pods which include:
    1x herb mix including basil, sage, parsley & cilantro
    1x salad mix including lettuce bronze arrow, mizuna mustard red-streaked, lettuce parris island cos & arugula
    Nursery (for sprouting seeds)
    12 Net Cups
    Nutrients (Sprout, Thrive, & pH Balance)

  • What you'll Need

    Power access. Personal Rise Garden use standard power outlet and draw 96W.

    18’ x 11’ of space at your home.

Looking for Another Size?

Comes with 8 Seeded Pods

With your Personal Rise Garden, you will receive 8 seeded biodegradable pods with smart soil, enough to fill your garden to the brim and get you started.

Smart Gardens for Small Spaces

Working in tandem with the Rise Gardens app, LED lights will light up on the panel when you need to add water or nutrients to your indoor garden. The light button allows you to manually dim or shut off the grow lights if you want to override the automatic light schedule.

Rise Gardens App

The Rise Gardens app tracks your indoor garden's progress, reminds you when to add water, nutrients and guides you along the way. It's your very own professional gardener in your pocket.

  • Guides You Along the way, Don't Go it Alone

  • Keep Track of Your Plants

  • Never Worry About Killing Your Plants Again

  • Reminds You to Add Water & Nutrients

  • Manage Lights

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