12 Pod Tray Lid

12 Pod Tray Lid

Curated for hydroponic success™

Boost your Rise Garden output by as much as 3x! Plant up to 108 plants at a time (in a Triple Garden) to maximize your Rise Garden potential!

Its perfect for herbs, small veggies and microgreens.Use the 12 Pod Tray Lid to boost your Rise Garden output by as much as 3x!


More details
  • Compatible with all Gardens
  • Ships in 1-2 business days
  • Durable food safe plastic

Perfect for Herbs + Small Veggies:

Tightly pack herbs and root veggies so you can always have freshly harvested ingredients any day of the week! We recommend using the 12 Pod Tray Lid to grow radishes, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, chives and microgreens.

Customize To Your Needs

The 12 Pod Tray Lid is made out of custom, durable plastic to fit perfectly within our system. It's completely interchangeable with our existing 4 Pod or Pod Tray Lids. 

Boost your capacity

Indoor Garden Extension - Rise Gardens Canada

Family Garden Extension

Boost your garden yield by adding an extra level. You'll need a single or double garden


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