Rise Gardens Education Discount Program. Hands-on growing experiences in your own classroom

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Schools and educational organizations can receive 5% off any Rise Garden and 10% off seeds and nutrients. Gardening is a great experience for students but the seasons don't match up with the school year. Our indoor hydroponic garden allows you to use plants in your lessons plans in January instead of May or August

Have a learning garden in the classroom all year long.

Our indoor gardens are a comprehensive hands-on learning tool for STEM-related lessons making real impact in the classroom. A U.S. News & World Report article reported that low-income schools with gardens see an average 12-15% increase in students’ standardized test pass rates and even larger gains in science.

Hydroponic Nutrients

Your plants will need nutrients to grow. We’ve created the perfect mix of hydroponic nutrients to add to your Garden to ensure your plants grow big and strong. Then, just rely on the Rise Gardens app to know how much of each nutrient you’ll be adding each week.

70+ Varieties of Seed Pods

Our seed pods make your indoor gardening experience more fun! Choose from a variety of plants along with the option of purchasing Seedless Pods to give your students the opportunity to experiment their own choice of seeds. Educators get 10% off on all Seed Pods!

Rise Gardens App helps you grow!

We’ve developed a smart app to help you keep track of the health of your plants. Your students monitor the plants in the Rise Garden. Our app will also give live information about when it’s time to add water and nutrients to your Garden, and when you can harvest!

Application Process

To qualify for an education discount, you will need to provide tax exemption forms or additional documentation that verifies the organizations' educational programming.
If you have question we are an email

  • Fill out the application and provide all supporting documentation

  • Submit the completed application and allow 7 to 10 business days for processing

  • Decisions will be sent via email to the applicant with additional information and next steps.

Why People Love Rise Gardens


The design is sleek and fancy. The whole system is easy to use, operate and clean up. The application is intuitive, helps you during all stages.


I have found that my harvests are 10 times bigger with Rise! Anytime I needed help, their tech support is always prompt, courteous, and helpful!


Our garden has made our family eat more vegetables and greens. We love the endless growing possibilities of our garden.

The T. Family

We just love our garden! The process to go from 'seed to supper' is nearly effortless. The unit is sleek and attractive and customer service is outstanding! Our Rise Garden has turned out to be one of our best investments


Super easy to care for and I love having fresh greens growing in my kitchen. It's also been a visual lesson for my children on how food grows. Win-win!

Ready to start the Rise Gardens Experience?

Education Program FAQ

Need help
  • 5% off of any Garden, and 10% off of seeds and nutrients (ongoing).

  • Any order for Garden or Seeds & Nutrients. With this discount, you get 5% off of any Garden, and 10% off of seeds and nutrients.

  • Forever!

  • We’ll send you the promo code. You’ll have to use the email that was used to set up the school account to redeem the code.

  • What if we are not tax exempt? Please submit the website to your school or organization, and a brief explanation of why you believe your organization qualifies for this discount.

  • That’s great! Send us your documentation that you think qualifies you for this discount.

  • Send us the most recent documentation that was filed and used to prove that you are homeschooling. Ex. transcripts, lesson plans, standardized testing participation If you don’t have that, send us other documentation that you think proves your participation in educational programming.

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