Sign Up and Get 5% Off on your first Rise Gardens

Sign Up and Get 5% Off on your first Rise Gardens

Grow fresh herbs & vegetables year round with our Smart Indoor Gardens!

Keep a steady crop of herbs, veggies and leafy greens sprouting all year long. Rise Gardens are Wi-Fi enabled and app-controlled, there’s no guesswork involved!

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A fit for ANY Home

Our Indoor Gardens come in 4 Sizes.

No matter your expertise level, or what you’re looking to grow. We have an indoor garden that is perfect for you! Now you can grow your favorite herbs and veggies year round!

Personal Rise Garden:

This is no average countertop garden. Perfect size if you’re short on space while giving you up to 8 plants out of the box!

  • $449.00
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Single Family Garden:

A single level garden that will allow you to grow 12 plants out of the box. Upgrade anytime to increase plant capacity.

  • $899.99
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Double Family Garden:

A 2 level indoor garden that will allow you to plant up to 12 plants per level for a total of 24 out of the box.

  • $1,199.99
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Triple Family Garden:

A 3 level indoor garden that will allow you to plant up to 12 plants per level for a total of 36 out of the box.

  • $1,499.99
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Start Small or Go Big!

Our indoor gardens have a modular design which allow you to start as small as 8 plants and go all the way up to 108 plants. You can add 8 or 12 pod trays to any garden to instantly increase your plant yield. Want more? Add an indoor garden extension that adds a level to any of our Family Gardens up to total of 3 levels.

What’s Included?

All indoor gardens come with everything you need to get growing! With assembly in as little as 30 minutes, you can get started on your indoor garden right away.

  • App Enabled Hydroponic System
  • Starter Kit including Seeds & Nutrients
  • Self Watering Tank
  • LED Grow Lights
  • 1 year Warranty

App Enabled Smart Garden

All Rise Gardens are app enabled which makes it easy for you to grow you plants without having to worry about killing your plants. Download the app and follow instructions to sync your indoor garden with the app. We provide step by step details on:

  • Keep Track of Your Plants’ Growth
  • When to Add Nutrients & How Much
  • When to Refill Water
  • Manage Lights
  • And Most Importantly, When to Harvest!
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  • Personal Indoor Garden Personal Indoor Garden

    Personal Rise Garden

    • $449.00
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    • 18” L x 11” D x 16”H
    • 20 Lbs
    • 40W consumption
    • 1 Gal of water per week
    • Counter top Garden
    • 8 plants
    • Upgrade up to 12 plants
    • Includes 8 seed pods
  • Single Indoor Garden Single Indoor Garden

    Single Family Garden

    • $899.99
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    • 36” L x 16” D x 39”H
    • 60 lbs
    • 70W consumption
    • 2 Gal of water per week
    • 1 Level. Upgrade +2
    • 12 plants
    • Upgrade up to 36 plants
    • Includes 16 seed pods
  • Double Indoor Garden Double Indoor Garden

    Double Family Garden

    • $1,199.99
    Learn More >
    • 36” L x 16” D x 52 5/8”H
    • 83 lbs
    • 130W consumption
    • 3 Gal of water per week
    • 2 Levels. Upgrade +1
    • 24 plants
    • Upgrade up to 72 plants
    • Includes 32 seed pods
  • Triple Indoor Garden Triple Indoor Garden

    Triple Family Garden

    • $1,499.99
    Learn More >
    • 36” L x 16” D x 66 1/4”H
    • 106 lbs
    • 200W consumption
    • 4 Gal of water per week
    • 3 Levels. Max capacity
    • 36 plants
    • Upgrade up to 108 plants
    • Includes 48 seed pods

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People Love Rise Gardens

  • Excited to Begin!

    "My daughters are young and I thought a smart garden would give us a fun learning tool. We received our garden today and I assembled it in an hour or less. Everything is running and ready!" 

    - Kathryn, Fort Worth, TX
  • Happy With Our Garden

    "We just started. Putting together the unit was not difficult. The instructions were perfect. Now we are growing. We had some questions and customer service was extremely helpful."

    - T.D Merges, Michigan
  • Looks Great in Any Room

    "I live in an area where the air quality is too toxic to safely grow food outdoors, so I knew an indoor garden would be the best way to go. I love the way my Rise Garden looks in my modern loft."

    - Michelle, Oakland, CA

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    Meet Real Life Rise Gardeners

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    You'll need Ph and Thrive on a weekly basis. Sprout is used in the early stages of your plants' lives and Blossom is used in later stages when you are growing fruiting or flowering plants.

    STEP 2: Select Frequency

    Decide on the frequency of delivery and never run short on the “food” that makes your plants happy.

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