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20 Sage Recipes to Make All Year Round

20 Sage Recipes to Make All Year Round

We love sage and so many of us it during Thanksgiving. However, did you know that sage is actually a great herb to use all year long (thanks to our Rise Garden, of course!)?

Let’s start with sage’s flavor profile. According to The Kitchn’s herb profile, sage is “native to the Mediterranean and is sweet and somewhat bitter with a pine-like flavor and aroma. It's also often described as having eucalyptus and citrus notes. Sage can be found and used fresh or dried and ground, though as with most herbs, the fresh leaves offer considerably more flavor.”

Sage goes well with chicken, sausage, winter squashes, potatoes, cocktails, and so much more. We’ve rounded up the best sage recipes to help you use up that abundance of sage you have in your garden. Don’t wait to use it for Thanksgiving. You’ll love making these sage recipes all year long.

Happy cooking!

Our 20 Favorite Sage Recipes

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