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Planning Your Thanksgiving Herb Garden

Planning Your Thanksgiving Herb Garden

It’s the end of August, which means that we are starting to think about fall. Well, here at Rise Gardens we are already planning our Thanksgiving Herb Garden to make sure that we have all of the herbs we need for one of our favorite food holidays!

If you’ve ever shopped for a Thanksgiving dinner, then you know just how many herbs you really need. In fact, if you shop too late then you might need to go to several stores to find certain high-demand herbs. Two years ago, it took three stores to find just ONE package of rosemary two days before Thanksgiving. Also, those little packages of herbs are costly and can really make a dent in your food budget.

Now that I have a Family Rise Garden, I don’t have to worry about that—as long as I plan ahead. Since we are planting our gardens now, we wanted to share with you that it’s time to plant your Thanksgiving herb garden.

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Hopefully, you already have some of these fall herbs in your herb garden so that you have a head start. If not, move forward with planting right now.

Starting today, the following herbs should go into the nursery:

  • 2x Sage

  • Rosemary

  • Cilantro

  • Parsley

  • 2x Thyme

  • 2x Chives

This list is a good starting point but your needs may vary depending on what side dishes you typically make and what herbs you need for your turkey.

Thanksgiving Herb Garden

Rise Gardens

As soon as they start to sprout, follow the instructions in the Rise Gardens app to move it to the garden and help it grow.

I’m also adding in a kale plant for a delicious, hearty Thanksgiving kale salad. Swiss chard is also a go-to Thanksgiving ingredient for our dinner. If you’ve already planted celery and have it growing, plan to harvest it at Thanksgiving as well. Of course, take a look at what you might want to grow and the fact that we are just shy of three months to Thanksgiving so we have a lot of time to grow so many herbs and vegetables (but not all will be ready in time).

We love our herb garden and the ability to plan ahead for major food events or seasons without having to worry about the weather!

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