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20 Artisan Cocktail Recipes for the Holidays

20 Artisan Cocktail Recipes for the Holidays

‘Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la la la la la! This list of artisan cocktails, which use fresh herbs from your Rise Garden, is sure to put you into the holiday spirit! Whether you’re hosting a small family get together, having a quiet Christmas in, toasting family over a virtual gathering, or ringing in the New Year with a virtual happy hour, a festive cocktail or a classic cocktail with a fun twist are just the thing to bring you some holiday cheer. There are even four bonus mocktail recipes that ensure you are able to include everyone in your holiday toasts. But, don’t be intimidated by these agourmet recipes - you don’t have to be a fancy mixologist or bartender to craft these cocktails; with a few key ingredients, some fresh herbs, and a little preparation, you’ll be well on your way to elevating your at-home cocktail game!

Looking for a fun spin to share your holiday cheer? Gather all the ingredients to your cocktail of choice, arrange in a gift basket, and gift to your well-deserving family or friends! Bonus points for surprise doorstep deliveries – this is sure to put a smile on your giftee’s face!

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