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Meet the Team: Hank Adams

Meet the Team: Hank Adams

This blog post is part of our Meet the Team series posted here each Friday

Hank Adams | Chief Grower (aka Founder and CEO)

Current City: Evanston, IL

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Next up in our series is our Founder and CEO Hank Adams. Hank founded Rise Gardens to enable anyone to access truly fresh produce in their homes. Prior to Rise Gardens, he built, scaled and sold Sportvision, the first Augmented Reality company for live events. Hank spent his boyhood growing strawberries in his native Colorado and is now enjoying fusing his twin passions for tech and gardening into another successful startup.

Why did you choose to work with Rise Gardens?

I guess I was kinda invested in it. (Because he created it!)

How has Rise Gardens changed how you are eating?

It has added more greens and fresh tomatoes to my diet.

What’s your favorite dish to cook?

Stir fry!

Do you have any special secret talents?

I can hold my breath a long time. I once swam 60M underwater on one breath.

Tell us about your gardening experience.

I've gardened since I was a kid. Less as an adult because I lacked arable land - until Rise Gardens

What book are you reading right now?

The Daily Stoic and The Guns of August

What are you watching on TV right now?

Funny YouTube videos with my kids - SNL, Key & Peele, etc.

Do you have any special secret talents?

I can hold my breath a long time. I once swam 60M underwater on one breath.

How do you spend your free time?

Outside in the yard in warm weather, exercising, reading (too much) about politics.

Ask and answer any other question you want to share.

I have a new favorite poem: Robert Frost's Nothing Gold Can Stay. What's yours?

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