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Kelsey’s Favorite Ways To Use Parsley

Kelsey’s Favorite Ways To Use Parsley

In my opinion, parsley is one of the most underrated herbs out there. While some herbs only pair with certain flavors, parsley goes with just about everything. It’s packed full of vitamins A, C, and K, and plenty of antioxidants, making it the perfect addition to any dish.


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Here are some of my favorite ways to use parsley:

Chimichurri. Chimichurri is incredible on top of fish, steak, pork, chicken, and (my favorite) grilled vegetables like mushrooms, onions, and peppers. Just blend parsley, lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper, and olive oil together — that’s it! If you’re looking to brighten up any dish, look no further than chimichurri.

 With Eggs. Adding parsley to your omelet or eggs benedict takes it from a homemade breakfast to a restaurant-worthy brunch dish. Sprinkle a little bit on top after dishing up and voila!

Chickpea Salad. Yeah, you may have made a version of chickpea salad before, but have you ever made a version loaded up with freshly chopped parsley? Mix together chickpeas, parsley, red peppers, green onion, arugula, olive oil and lemon juice and you’ve got a well-balanced, healthy lunch or side dish!

On pasta. There is a reason that pasta at a restaurant is garnished with parsley (it helps to enhance flavours like tomato and fish), so why not give it a go at home? Easily grow parsley in your Rise Garden for restaurant-worthy pasta dishes year-round! Cut up the stems to use in homemade tomato sauce and save the leaves for fresh garnish!

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