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Give the Gift of Growing Happy

Give the Gift of Growing Happy

It's gifting season and we're here to help! If you're anything like us, we love the gift of experiences. With our countertop garden, you'll be gifting more fun, more connection, and more nutrition. It's the gift that keeps giving all year long. While the possibilities are endless, we wanted to inspire you to gift more of what your friends and family love this holiday season.

Check out the different types of gardens you can gift this year.

 - Rise Gardens

Gift a Tea Garden

These herbs are the perfect base for any tea garden:

 - Rise Gardens

Gift a Smoothie Garden

The avid smoothie drinker will want these delicious herbs, greens and veggies:

 - Rise Gardens

Gift a Cocktail Garden 

Our Holiday Cocktail Garden Variety Pack is the perfect starter but also consider adding:

 - Rise Gardens

Gift a Pizza Garden

Growing your own pizza ingredients is a fun family experience. Add your own touch but start with these base plants:

 - Rise Gardens

Gift a Salad Garden

Grow a variety of different salad greens and microgreens to help consume a variety of nutrients, textures, and flavors. Here's a few of our suggestions:

 - Rise Gardens

STEM Garden

Hands-on learning makes education fun and memorable. Plus, connecting kids with healthy food by growing it will increase their vegetable consumption well into adulthood. Try a few of these fun varieties:



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