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Why should I prune my plants?

Why should I prune my plants?

The Rise App recommended you prune a plant in your Rise Garden, but you've maybe ignored it for a while or skipped it all together. We totally get it. They are your plant babies and they're growing so beautifully! In this post, we're exploring why you should prune your plants and how a little pruning can go a long way.

What is pruning, you ask?

Pruning is a common practice in gardening that involves removing certain parts of a plant, such as leaves, stems and branches. While pruning is often associated with fruit trees, it can also be an effective technique for vegetable plants.

Why should I prune my vegetable plants?

  1. Promotes better air circulation Pruning your plants can help to increase air circulation, which is essential for preventing fungal diseases. When leaves and stems are too close together, it creates a damp environment that is ideal for the growth of fungi or other disease. By pruning away excess foliage, you can help to reduce the risk of disease and ensure that your plants are healthy.

  2. Increases light exposure Another benefit of pruning is that it can increase the amount of light that reaches your plants. This is particularly important for vegetable plants, which require plenty of light to grow and produce fruit. By removing excess foliage, you can allow more light to penetrate the plant, which can result in better growth and higher yields.

  3. Encourages bushier growth Pruning can also help to encourage bushier growth in your vegetable plants. When you remove the tips of the main stem or branches, it stimulates the growth of new lateral branches, which can result in a fuller, bushier plant. This can be particularly useful for crops like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, which benefit from a more compact growth habit.

  4. Improves fruit quality Finally, pruning can also improve the quality of your vegetable harvest. By removing excess foliage, you can direct the plant's energy towards fruit production, resulting in larger, sweeter, and more flavorful fruits and vegetables.

 As you can see, it's very beneficial to prune your plants! 


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