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Top Questions about Rise Nutrients

Top Questions about Rise Nutrients

Our Rise Labs team is answering the top questions our community has about Rise Nutrients and plant care. 

When Do I Add Nutrients?

Your first 2 weeks require you to simply run your Nursery with plant pods and water--no nutrients. Once those plants are about 14 days old, they should be moved into your Garden and you will add nutrients for the first time. This first add will be high, but all future additions will be lower.

What should I know about the first time I add nutrients? 

When you first run Care for your Garden, you will see a very high number of mL to add. This is completely normal as you're ramping up your nutrients. If you have a New Rise Garden with 3 levels, you may see your first Care cycle ask you to add up to 200mL of Sprout and Thrive.

This is happening because the first time you add nutrients to your Garden, you need to increase the nutrients of a sizable amount of water. Think of it as your ramp up stage. For every gallon of water in your Garden, you need to add ~10mL of nutrients. With a total volume of around 12 gallons (for a 3 level New Rise Garden), this means you need to add a lot your first time adding nutrients. However, after this initial dose, you will need to add less and less nutrients.

What Do I Do If I Run Out Of Nutrients?

If you run out of Sprout, Thrive, or pH Balance, don't worry, simply place an order on our website to get it delivered to your doorstep. Your plants can go up to 14 days without proper nutrients, so you will have plenty of time to fix the issue. 

On your application, you can simply avoid the nutrients you don't have and continue through Care as normal. This will ensure that you continue to add the correct amount of nutrients you do have. For more details, see this blog post

How Long Do Bottles Of Nutrients Last?

We currently offer two sizes of bottles of our liquid nutrient product. Our 125mL bottles of Sprout and Thrive come in your starter kit with your Garden and will last about 1 month. Similarly, your 30mL pH Balance bottle will last about 1 month as well. However, it is best if you place an order for nutrients, or subscribe to our nutrient subscription, before then. Depending on what you plant and how many levels you have, you may run out before then. So, its always best to go ahead and purchase nutrients with your Garden.

Our 500mL bottles of Sprout, Thrive and Blossom can be purchased on our store and will last about 3 months. This varies on how much you grow and the number of levels in your Garden. Your 100mL of pH Balance will last about 2-3 months depending on how quickly your plants drink up water and how many levels are in your Garden.

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