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Meet the Team: Vladymyr Boiko

Meet the Team: Vladymyr Boiko

This blog post is part of our Meet the Team series posted here each Friday

Vladymyr Boiko | Senior Cloud Developer

Current City: Kharkiv, Ukraine

Hometown: Kharkiv, Ukraine

Next up in our series is our Senior Cloud Developer Vladymyr Boiko. Vladymyr makes it possible for all our gardens to communicate with us through cloud technology. Using his ethereal bag of tricks, he transforms infrastructure in space; deploys elusive bastion servers; and creates in-stream analytics that monitor and care for our gardens. Some days he returns to earth to check in.

Why did you choose to work with Rise Gardens?

I like the smart home area. I believe that smart home features make people’s lives better. I like the idea of Rise Gardens and the technologies that are used with this product. It is also very important for me that Rise Gardens helps with living of ​​a healthy lifestyle.

Tell us about your gardening experience.

I have never gardened before but can’t wait to try!

What are you reading right now?

It is one of the AWS technical documentation guidelines.

*Thanks for reading it for us so we (the comms team!) don't have to!

How do you spend your free time?

I prefer outdoor walks!

Anything else to add?

Vladymyr is direct and to the point but he's an amazing developer and we're so happy he's part of the Rise Gardens family!

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