Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Curated for hydroponic success™

This aromatic herb is great for calming and centering yourself through smell. In combination with our lavander and rosemary, this plant can be made into a potpourri for your home and shower.

Silver Dollar eucalyptus plants, scientifically known as Eucalyptus cinerea, are prized for their striking, silvery-blue foliage and refreshing minty aroma. These evergreen trees, native to Australia, add a touch of elegance to any landscape or floral arrangement.

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  • Gorw in the Rise Garden
  • Ships in 5-7 business days
  • Shelf stable for 1 yr . Thoroughly tested
  • Rise Reserve

Make Your Own Herbal Tea

Warm up your winter with a comforting cup of homemade Eucalyptus Herbal Tea

✓Gather fresh Eucalyptus leaves from your Rise Garden.
✓ Place a handful of Eucalyptus leaves in a cup or teapot.
✓ Pour boiling water over the leaves.
✓Let it steep for 5-7 minutes. Strain and enjoy.
✓Relish the soothing benefits of Eucalyptus, perfect for relaxation and revitalization.

Rise gardens quality Seeds

  • Shelf stable for over a year

    We have packaged and tested our seed pods to ensure that they last more than one year stored. This means that you can buy seeds and use them later.

  • More nutritious than store bought

    Grocery store produce has traveled hundreds of miles and is a week old by the time it hits grocery stores.

  • Thoroughly tested

    Our plant science team extensively tests all seeds in a various environments to ensure gardening success for beginner and expert gardeners alike.

“These Rise Gardens are truly amazing! I've never tried gardening in my life, and Rise made it incredibly easy to get started growing.”

-Dave, Verified Buyer

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Many of our seed varieties are organic! However, our varieties depend on seasonal availability, so we cannot guarantee that all of our seeds are organic.
  • Our seed pods are made from a combination of coco coir and peat moss!
  • For big veggies (like eggplant, tomato, and cucumber) a Family Garden is ideal, as it offers extra growing space to allow the plants to flourish. Our smaller veggies (like lettuces and herbs) can be grown in any of our Garden models (Family Gardens and Personal Gardens).
  • Yes! We encourage our gardeners to try new plants. For this reason, Seedless Pods on our website, so that you can grow your own plant varieties. Note that our seed varieties have been tested and approved by our Plant Scientists to grow well in a hydroponic environment. We cannot guarantee that other plants will grow well using our hydroponic system.
  • All of our seed pods have a shelf life of 1 year, if stored in a cool, dark environment (between 30°F and 40°F). For more information, check out our guide for seed storage on our, Help Center website

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