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Kitchen Mini Siam Tomato

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  • Description

    This tomato plant is the shortest tomato plant available with a height of 9 inches. It produces bountiful red cherry tomatoes that are sweet and a little sour. This plant does Not need to be pollinated, but may produce more if it is.

  • Gardening Tips

    This brand new variety is a smaller cherry tomato variety that takes up less space than our Little Bing. It will produce tart, sweet, little tomatoes at a very fast rate and is easier to manage than our other tomato variety, but won't produce as much. This is great tomato to start with if you've never grown tomatoes before!

  • Seed Pod Details

    Crop Variety Tomato Kitchen Minis Siam
    Edible Plant Yes
    Size ( Tall=>12" / Short =>12" Tall
    Sprouts in ( Days) 7
    Lasts for ( total days to harvest) 160
    Thin this Plant? Yes
    Level of pruning (0 = None, 1= 1/m, 2= 2/m, 3/m) 3
    Pollination?Β  Yes
    Β # of harvest 5

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    "My daughters are young and I thought a smart garden would give us a fun learning tool. We received our garden today and I assembled it in an hour or less. Everything is running and ready!"Β 

    - Kathryn, Fort Worth, TX
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    "We just started. Putting together the unit was not difficult. The instructions were perfect. Now we are growing. We had some questions and customer service was extremely helpful."

    - T.D Merges, Michigan
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    "I live in an area where the air quality is too toxic to safely grow food outdoors, so I knew an indoor garden would be the best way to go. I love the way my Rise garden looks in my modern loft."

    - Michelle, Oakland, CA

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