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The Surprising Way My Rise Garden Changed

The Surprising Way My Rise Garden Changed
We first purchased our Family Rise garden with the intent to grow all of the herbs and lettuce that we need as a family and no longer buy them from the grocery store. Now, almost two years later our Rise Garden has turned into a science experiment playground!

Using the seedless pods that Rise Garden offers has opened the door for experimentation for our kids. We started with growing different herb varieties that we hadn’t tried or grown before and then we tried different varieties of lettuces.

Finding out that different types of lettuce have different textures, colors and even flavors. This has been really exciting for our kids and when they have friends over they like to sample the different types of lettuce too!

We have also tried different varieties of tomatoes, micro tomatoes and a wide variety of peppers have also been fun. Our kids often pick up seeds or acorns that we find at the park or pick seeds out for their apples and oranges wanting to try to grow them. 

And, why not? If we have the space available and a seedless pod, we have nothing to lose. We learn something new whether the seed thrives or fails. 

Our Rise Garden has changed from starting out as a new fixture or appliances and has become so much more. It's expanded to be a conversation starter and experiment showcase. 

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