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The Making of the Rise Plant Pod

The Making of the Rise Plant Pod

What makes the Rise Plant Pod so special? Our plant scientist, Angelo, gives you a peek behind the curtain at The Rise Lab and outlines what it takes to become a Rise Pod. 

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Seeds and support

  • Each of the seeds we launch are extensively tested for performance in our hydroponics system. We test for germination success, yield, and growth size with our lights and nutrients. We make sure that anyone from expert gardeners to novice growers can succeed with a given seed and get a full harvest.
  • We offer support on all of our seeds growing in our system. We have a detailed story of each seed’s growth journey from germination to fully grown fruit, with information on each stage.
  • We make sure to research germination rates in order to select the correct number of seeds to add to each hand-seeded pod to ensure germination. Every plant needs the correct number in order to ensure germination success in our hydroponic system. 

Tinfoil cover

  • Our tinfoil cover and doughnut sticker help you identify your individual plants in order to track their progress and tell you if they are on track for germination.
  • The firm ring of the sticker ensures that you do not overexpose your seeds and risk poor germination, while allowing your baby plant to grow though. 
  • The tinfoil cover ensures that algae will not grow on the pod, which is a major concern for hydroponic systems. If your plant pod grows algae, it can inhibit germination and even attract pests if left uncontrolled.

Seed pods

  • Our plant pods are the perfect blend of air, water, and biomass. Plant roots need oxygen in order to grow, along with water, and a structure to grow into. This pod is optimized for early stage germination and growth in order to get your plant started off with great growing conditions.
  • The pod is made up of a blend of coco coir and peat moss which supply your plants with a fully organic growing medium with natural nutrients given by the peat moss that help promote early growth.
  • Our plant pods are dried at the end of their manufacturing process to ensure a sterile environment and prevent pests from living inside the pods. If you were to use a wet pod, you may have issues with pests being able to survive inside the substrate during manufacturing and risk exposure to a wider range of bacteria, algae, and fungi spores. 
  • Unlike other plant pods, we make sure not to use excess amounts of plastic packaging and are working to find a more sustainable option for our doughnut sticker. 

Pod Size

  • Our seed pods are designed to fit early growth best with 2 inches of space for early roots to grow into, while allowing them to exit into our system’s water to grow into their later stages of growth and draw up nutrients.

And, that's a wrap on the Rise Plant Pod. Stay tuned for more from Angelo, Lamija, and the Rise Lab.

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