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Meet the Team: Nneka Ekwemuka

Meet the Team: Nneka Ekwemuka

This blog post is part of our Meet the Team series posted here each Friday.

Nneka Ekwemuka | Operations and Customer Support Specialist

Current City: Chicago, IL

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Next up in our series is our Operations and Customer Support Specialist, Nneka Ekwemuka. Nneka is bringing her 5+ years of experience in customer service and operations to help support Rise Gardens with scaling its operations and customer support teams.

Why did you choose to work with Rise Gardens?

I have become more conscious of where my food comes from, if I didn't grow it, I wonder who did and how? I love cooking and its simply amazing to be able to grow some of what goes on my plate.

What's your favorite dish to cook?

Jollof Rice (popularly known as Party Rice ) and Spicy Stewed Chicken

Tell us about your gardening experience.

Gardening is fun. Gardening without soil is more fun--no kneeling or digging my nails in dirt and the view of the greenery is always a beautiful sight.

Do you have any special secret talents?

Acting! I love to act, not many people know this but I have done a little bit of it in the past as well as worked behind the scenes on the set of a few short films and movies.

What are you reading right now?

How to Listen, How to Speak by Mortimer J. Adler

What are you watching on TV right now?

Ripper Street

How do you spend your free time?

Binge watching with a glass of wine, sewing, or spending time with loved ones

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