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Manual Dry Nutrient Dosing Guide

Manual Dry Nutrient Dosing Guide

During our monthly Rise Labs AMA, Rise Gardeners with more than one garden shared with us that they want to use both liquid and dry nutrients in their gardens. 

Due to how our Smart Care technology works in the Rise App today, you will be unable to use your app to dose your multiple gardens with different types of nutrients--i.e. use dry nutrients in one garden and liquid nutrients in another garden. Don't worry, our team has a fix coming in the app. In the meantime, we've developed a simple manual dosing guide for dry nutrients. 

This is quick guide to manually add dry nutrients to your garden when you are not using the Rise App or wish to use different nutrients in multiple gardens. As a reminder, dry nutrients and liquid nutrients should not be interchanged in the same garden.  

Personal Garden Manual Dosing

  • Add 1/2 tsp of Sprout or Blossom per gallon of water added during weekly care 
  • The Personal Garden water tank is one gallon, which means 1/2 tsp is the max dose.
  • If you are adding only a 1/2 gallon of water, you should add 1/4 tsp of nutrients.

The Rise Garden or Family Rise Garden Manual Dosing

  • Add 1 tsp of Sprout or Blossom per gallon of water added during weekly care
  • If you add 3 gallons of water, you'll add 3 tsp of nutrients.

If you are not using the Rise App and only manually dosing your plants, follow this guideline for choosing Sprout or Blossom:

  • Sprout: Use this nutrients at the beginning stages of your plants. You'll continue using only Sprout when growing just greens, root vegetables, and herbs.
  • Blossom: Switch from Sprout to Blossom when your fruiting plants begin to grow flowers. You'll continue to use Blossom for the duration of your plant growth cycle.


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