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How to Prevent Pests in your Rise Garden

How to Prevent Pests in your Rise Garden

Wondering how you can keep the most pest-free Garden possible? Read on to understand where your pests come from and how you can keep a pest free environment for your Indoor Garden.

Be cautious + inspect outside plants

The easiest way to stop pests from ever entering your garden in the first place is to keep outdoor plants, potted plants, or anything else in soil away from your garden. Most of the time, pests enter your house through other plants, be that houseplants, potted plants waiting to be transplanted outside, or even produce from the grocery store and farmer's market. You can prevent any and all pests by ensuring that your Garden does not have soil plants close by. 

That said, houseplants love the Rise Garden and we know many of you use the garden to help your houseplants thrive.

Be sure to inspect the soil and leaves of your plants before moving them near your garden. Also, consider the source of your plant. High-quality stores and greenhouses are typically in the business of taking care of their plants and their communities. Always start with a reliable source first!

Interacting with the outdoors

After a long day out shopping at the grocery store, or heading to your backyard to check on your non-hydroponic plants, you should stay clear of your Garden until you can wash your hands. Do not put anything like stones or freshly potted plants under your Garden’s lights. Pests can travel far distances on your clothes or on your hands so be sure to keep your distance after being in nature as this could lead to pests in your garden. 

It’s also a good idea to keep your Garden far away from a door or a constantly open window. This area is constantly interacting with pests and is impossible to keep 100% pest free.

Clean your Garden

Your app will tell you when it's time to deep clean your Garden. This ensures that you do not have a buildup of micronutrients in your water and that your water stays fresh and free of algae and bacteria. Another important cleaning habit is to remove any fallen leaves, trim yellowing branches, and to remove older plants that are past their prime. Pests are naturally drawn to drying plants and dead leaves. Removing them will ensure you have a clean and tidy garden free of pests.


One great prevention tip that will also keep your plants well-regulated is to add a small fan to your Garden so that it’s hard for flying pests to land on your plants and reproduce. The constantly moving air will also strengthen the stems of your plants and provide a crunchier veggie.

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