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House Plants and Rise Gardens

House Plants and Rise Gardens

Having the Rise Garden in my home took my love for plants to a whole new level. I already strive to have my own personal jungle, so I was excited to add the Rise Garden to the family. I knew growing my own food was going to be a game changer but the Rise Garden also adds more benefits than I would originally expected.

Rise Gardens

The added light to the home is amazing. If you have a dark place, the garden certainly brings in the light. Where my is located it definitely balances out the darkness. I found my orchids really loved the extra light and ended up blooming a second time right after losing all of its flowers. The stem grew towards the Rise Gardens.

Two other plants that are also benefiting from this extra light is my pitcher plant next to it and the heart-leaf philodendron that sits on top of it. The pitcher plant was purchased in case I ever had gnats or something but so far has not been an issue. It has had amazing new growth since bringing it home and hanging it next to the garden. My heart-leaf wraps around and delicately cascades down the garden frame.

I have also used my Rise Garden to propagate new plants. Currently, I have purple spiderwort growing out of one of the slots. It adds nice color as it hangs over the edge of the second level. I have also had success with monstera and pothos propagation.

It’s so easy to clip a piece of plant that can be water propagated and put it into the water. I don’t have to worry about changing the water since its already flowing and working for the other plants. The roots grow quickly and I have been able to plant into dirt soon after.

Rise Gardens

I love that my garden keeps me creative with my house plants.
Mikayla Stevens

Another fun aspect of my Rise Garden is the addition of the baby cacti garden. I have three bigger cactus in other parts of my house and then a handful of smaller ones. Since it's now winter, they can’t be outside so they have been moved to the second level of my garden. This also helped me prevent my cats from knocking them over and killing them, since in winter we are short on safe spaces for smaller plants. They love the light and I don’t have to run additional lights in my house to keep them happy.

These were not things that I expected would come out of having the Rise Garden in my home. It’s ever changing and full of color. This was an unexpected benefit that has made me fall even more in love with the Rise Garden. I want to grow some sort of flowering plant next but haven’t decided on what. I love that my garden keeps me creative with my house plants.

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