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Grow Your Own Tea Garden

Grow Your Own Tea Garden

Drinking a cup of tea in the morning before work or taking a moment to pause in the afternoon with a cup of your favorite tea are sacred moments in the day. There are so many blends and options for tea in stores across North America but have you ever considered growing your own tea garden?

Here at Rise Gardens, we are committed to growing our own food. As we’ve grow vegetables, greens and herbs with our smart gardens, we come to realize how many other things we can do with the garden. We can grow sage and make our own sage sticks. We can grow flowers like these gorgeous sunflowers and borage. We can teach our kids about science, food, nutrition, and nature. The possibilities are endless.

What if we could grow our own tea gardens? Tea is amazing but would it be better if we grew our own tea? Yes! The same principles for herbs, veggies, and greens apply to the ingredients in your tea. If you grow your own ingredients, you know exactly what’s in and on the plants. They are grown and harvested at the peak of flavor and nutrition. Many tea blends are herbal-based and can be grown in your Rise Garden.


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The Rise Gardens Tea Garden Bundle makes it easy to grow your own tea garden and includes the following herbs:

  • Classic Lemon Balm 
  • German Chamomile 
  • Sweet Leaf Stevia 
  • Peppermint Mint 
  • Vicenza Blue Apex Lavender 
  • Classic Rosemary 
  • Classic Sage 
  • Butterfly Friend Borage 

These herbs provide a solid base to many of the tea recipes that you can find on blogs, websites, and cookbooks. As you grow as a gardener, you can always add your own herbs to the mix too.

Growing your own tea garden is the perfect way to elevate your tea moments throughout your day. Happy growing!

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