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Grow Your Own Pizza Garden

Grow Your Own Pizza Garden

Making homemade pizzas as a family is such a fun experience and memory! How many of our memories include food? That one Thanksgiving where Aunt Lisa burnt the turkey. The pizza nights with mom. The birthday parties with cake and ice cream. The dinner where your husband proposed. The incredible meal you had in Tuscany.

So many of the life events and memories that we share include food. We certainly remember the dinner or the meal but most of all we remember the feeling that we had while we were in that moment. Those are the moments that make us smile.

Pizza night in our home growing up wasn’t always homemade pizza but it often was. It took my mom a little extra time but it was so worth it. Of course, we would always help and maybe sneak a few bites along the way.

As I’ve grown up making pizzas at home has been such a fun experience. While I don’t personally have kids, making pizzas are an event in my home. We decide on toppings and sauces and how thick we want our pizza. With the Rise Garden, I was able to make my own pizza sauce, grow my own herbs, and even some jalapeños for a Mexican Pizza one night.

Growing your own pizzas sounds great, right? You can easily have most of the fresh ingredients that you need right at your fingertips growing in a living pantry.

Homemade pizza doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it’s quite easy. You are simply replacing the ingredients you normally would buy at the store with freshly harvested ones you grow right inside your home or apartment. That easy swap makes the experience a little easier and a lot tastier. Plus, it just tastes better when you grow it yourself!

Rise Gardens

Grow your own pizza garden with the following veggies and herbs:

Start growing your own pizza garden today. And, don’t forget to save us a slice!

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