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Grow with Us: Meet Zeeshan

Grow with Us: Meet Zeeshan

Welcome to ‘Grow With Us', an initiative where we introduce you to the incredible members of the Rise Gardens team who bring their passion, knowledge, and unique gardening experiences to the table.In this series of interviews, you'll get to know the faces behind the greens and the souls behind the soil. From their favorite crops to the lessons they've learned along the way, each story is a testament to the profound impact that gardening has on our lives.Get ready to be inspired and grow with us!

🙂 Name
Zeeshan Faizal

🌱 Garden(s) Owned
3 Rise Gardens

🚴‍♂️ Hobbies
Reading, writing, racing, flying, sailing, biking, climbing, swimming

🙌 Fun Fact
I can make raindrop sounds

🥬 Top tip or trick for a beginner gardener
Less is more

🍅 Favorite things to grow

🥥 Do you have a favorite plant or flower that holds a special meaning to you? If so, why?
Coconuts because I was born in the land of coconuts

💪 What's the most challenging gardening experience you've had, and what did you learn from it?
Neva lost

🌼 Describe a gardening success story that made you particularly proud.
Grew a redwood in my garden

🫶 How has gardening positively influenced your well-being and mental health?
Daily mindfulness of plants and what I eat

🪴 Are there any gardening projects or goals you're currently working on or excited to start?
Grow rare plants like the Australian Finger Lime

🌞 What's your go-to personal mantra or affirmation?
I have a gratitude cheat sheet: # Gratitude Cheat sheet Remember that it's a: 1. Blessing to be alive and experience life 2. Blessing to have amazing people in my life 3. Blessing to have the freedom to adventure and learn what I want to learn 4. Blessing to face adversity and still find a way to thrive 5. Blessing to frame it as a challenge not a task

🚶‍♂️How do you unwind and practice self-care after a busy day or week?
sauna, read, long walks

🥘 Share a favorite recipe or meal that you’ve made with the help of your garden.
herb coconut chutney

📗 Can you recommend a book, podcast, or resource that has positively impacted you?
When breath becomes air - Paul Kalanithi

😌 What's a wellness ritual you've incorporated into your daily routine that you wouldn't want to go without?


Zeeshan having fun with his Rise Gardens

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