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From Roots to Rise: Nancy's Journey

From Roots to Rise: Nancy's Journey

Welcome to ‘Why I Rise’, an endeavor where we celebrate the diverse stories that shape our Rise Gardens community. From the heartfelt experiences of our customers to the personal stories of our dedicated team members, 'Why I Rise' offers a glimpse into the lives that have been transformed by the power of gardening.

Our first profile features Nancy, a familiar face of the Rise Garden’s team. Learn more about her story about growing up a generational gardener below.

Hey there, I'm Nancy, and I'm excited to share my story with our Rise community – a tale that stretches from my earliest memories to my role here at Rise Gardens. Let's dive in and explore how my roots have shaped my passion for gardening.


Roots of a Green Thumb

From a young age, I found myself drawn to gardening, thanks to my father's deep love for it. Nestled in Wheaton, a Chicago suburb, we transformed our yard into a lush garden haven. Reflecting on those days, I recall my dad dedicating almost half of our yard to gardening. Those moments of togetherness while tending to the garden laid the foundation of my journey. I got my own little section to plant corn, tomatoes, and pumpkins – not exactly proper gardening, but it was all about having fun and learning.

Composting Pioneers

Looking back, my family was ahead of the curve with composting, even before it became trendy. Those composting adventures were remarkable, and I can still hear my friends asking, "Nancy, which garbage can does this go in?" An amusing memory for sure! We even ventured to the Wheaton Sewage plant, an unconventional choice, to gather what my dad saw as a fantastic fertilizer. The neighbors might not have appreciated it, but my dad was over the moon about it ‘helping’ our garden.

Cultivating a City Garden

As life unfolded, so did my gardening journey. From helping friends with their rooftop gardens to eventually owning my house, I continued growing. Alongside my husband, who came from a family of farmers, we crafted a thriving urban garden. Our absolute favorite things to grow are tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and zucchinis. LOTS of zucchinis. Be prepared to leave with a handful if you’re planning on stopping by.

Rising with Rise Gardens

My journey took an exciting twist when I joined the Rise Gardens community. Admittedly, hydroponic gardening wasn't something I'd really considered. But a Rise Garden introduced me to a whole new world of possibilities, allowing me to enjoy fresh produce year-round. While outdoor-grown peppers and tomatoes still hold a special place, my indoor garden offers a burst of green in the coldest of winters. Especially the microgreens. We use those almost every day.

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