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Experimenting with My Rise Garden is a Fun New Project

Experimenting with My Rise Garden is a Fun New Project

My Rise Garden has been a tool that I did not expect would have more than one function. Yes, it grows food that tastes good and is a beautiful statement piece in my home. However, its function is far more than just that, it has given me a sense of peace when it comes to caring for my plants and now an even cooler function for my plants and garden next year.


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With summer in full swing this year I wanted to try and see if there was a way to jump-start my patio garden. This being the last summer in my condo, I didn't go crazy with a lot of patio plants. So for this experiment, I did have to use my friend's gardens to see how it worked. At the beginning of the summer, I relocated my tomato plants to the outside and they have done amazing! I also grew two catnip plants for a friend's garden.

I am still in trial and error when it comes to the net cup. I didn't think about this with my tomato plants until the roots were too wild to deal with because it was a larger plant when I transplanted it. It was planted with the net cup and has shown no issue so it is still doable. The baby tomatoes are slowly coming in and I can't wait to taste them! With this second wave, I opted not to use the net cup and found using a toothpick to hold the seed pod in place was a fun trick. The toothpick can be removed or planted since it's just wood. Thus far, these have been holding up as well, and I recently planted them outside.


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This experiment has taught me that I can't wait to have an additional garden outside and that your Rise Garden can help grow your outside plants. Next year, I will have a full cleaning of the system, then fill it with seed pods that will be relocated outside for summer — turning it into a full nursery in the late spring and early summer. This will give the little plants a month of growth and good root systems that will make them successful when moved outside. As we head into fall and winter, I will continue to enjoy my indoor garden and keep growing the food I love!

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