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5 Dry Nutrient Facts You Should Know

5 Dry Nutrient Facts You Should Know

Dry nutrients are here for Rise Gardeners and we’re excited for them to arrive at your home. Similar to our liquid formula, dry nutrients are designed to support targeted early-stage growth of stems and leaves, and then late-stage growth of flowers and fruits. 

We’re sharing 5 facts you should know about the newest addition to the Rise Gardens line up. 

All Rise Nutrients are developed in-house

Unlike our competitors, our Rise Labs’ team developed both of our nutrient lines in-house. They're custom blended to work with Rise plant pods and seeds in your Rise Garden. These formulas are handcrafted by our scientists to deliver you the best possible yields. 

Two nutrient blends instead of three 

We've combined Thrive into Sprout and Blossom. Dry nutrients are simpler to add to your Garden because they combine the micronutrients of Thrive and the macronutrients Sprout and Blossom into one powder. This means you now have an all-in-one nutrient blend for growing stems and leaves, and an all-in-one nutrient blend for flowers and fruit.

Our new dry nutrients are more environmentally friendly

No more plastic bottles and no more shipping water. Dry nutrients are much better for the environment because it eliminates more plastic use and weighs less so it requires less energy to deliver it to your door. Blending Thrive into Sprout and Blossom helps even more. These steps help reduce our carbon footprint across the board.

You can’t swap liquid + dry nutrients in and out

We’re excited about our new dry nutrients and we believe they’re the best bet. Once you start dry nutrients, you should only use dry nutrients and pH Balance. Switching between them will cause issues with specific nutrients building up in your Garden and confusing your app.

Your plants may grow quicker using dry nutrients 

We use the same active ingredients as our liquid formula with only a few substitutions to control for clumping. However, our new formula may increase the speed at which your plants grow because it has a better balance of what your plants need. Plus, this formula performs better at buffering your pH to keep you closer to where you want to be.

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