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Now Shipping from Canada 🇨🇦

Tomato Little Bing 4 pack

Edible plant

Size: Tall

Sprouts in: 1-2 weeks 

Lasts for: 20-24 weeks

Thin this plant?: Yes

Level of Pruning: Prune often when plant is fully grown

Pollination?: Yes

# of Harvests: 5

Notes on Care:

  • Tomato plants will produce many small Yellow flowers. In order to properly pollinate, use your paintbrush to gently brush each flower once it has opened. You should be able to see a light dust (Pollen) come off your brush. If you do not pollinate your flowers, you may not get as many tomatoes. This plant Tends to vine up the system, so you may need to train it up the side or cut it back to avoid crowding. For best results, we recommend facing your system towards sunlight to give your tomatoes that extra boost that only sunlight can provide.
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  • Notes on Care

    Remember to train this plant up as it grows as it is a vining plant. Its bottom most leaves will die off as it grows so keep ontop of pruning.


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