Rise Gardens!

We shrank and simplified professional vertical farming technology to fit in your home.

Now everyone can grow premium produce a few steps away from the kitchen.

A fit for any home

Our garden comes in three sizes matching the dimensions of an entryway table, a credenza and a shelf. The modular system also allows you to upgrade and add a shelf at any time.

Garden sizes

Can i add an extra shelf later? How much does it cost?


Yes you can, you can add a shelf later up to three shelves

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The price of a shelf extension is $200

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It takes 15 min to add it to your garden

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Level limits

You can only extend to 3 shelves, anything beyond that would generate problems with the ergonomics.

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Product specifications

Choose a garden model to see specifications


Everything you need to grow

Everything detailed above is included in the purchase of your garden!

What else do I need?

How frequently will I need to repurchase plants?

Depends on how big your plants are

How frequently would I need nutrients?

It depends on what type of plants are you growing

Can I use different seeds than the ones that you have listed on your website?

Yes you can, you can grow a huge variety of produce

  • The app will help you approximate the nutritional need of any seed that you're planting.

  • You can use our seeedless pods and place your seed in or find a different growth medium.

  • The varieties we have selected have been tested rigourously by us to ensuee they grow well in hydroponics and fit under our lights. We can't guarantee the same behaviour with our seeds, but we definitely encourage expermientation!

What makes us different

Hidroponics, nutrients & lights

Grow faster with hydroponics

Rise Gardens combines the core components of hydroponics with our patent-pending water system — allowing your garden to water automatically and grow up to 12 plants per level.

Plants breathe from water

We built a waterfall!

Water system flow

Plants need different nutrients as they grow

“Giving blossom to a seed is like giving sushi to a baby.”

Plant's growth

Three-part Nutrient & PH

Engineering every step

pH solution keeps your garden in the target pH range and allowyour plants to uptake their nutrients. You may need to add more or less to your garden depending on your tap water, so make sure to use our app to appropriately dose your garden.

Light is the single most important factor that explain plant ́s growth

”plants use a spectrum of lights that humans can ́t see...” because it ́s not there.. it ́s important even if it doestn seem so...

When you choose lights to grow plants, you want to focus on the Blue and Red. However,
some research has found that other wavelengths can benefit plant growth and thus you should also include a full spectrum’ White light.

Custom Full Spectrum lights.

Our custom high efficiency full-spectrum lights offer the same plant growth and health benefits as typical grow lights, without the distracting purple glare.

Our customized LED grow lights are made up of 3 types of lights:

Take control of the light

Lower the lights for your comfort

Lights run on a pre-programmable schedule that you control from your app.

Want to know more about spectrum lights?

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How much light does my plant need?

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Smart home garden

We make it smart

we are giving you the control

We are giving you the control in a simplified way, so that you know what happens to your garden at all times.

We do it smart because we really want the Indoor Garden to be integrated into your life. We are making the information come to you, giving you everything you need.

how does the app work?

Keep track of your plants

Know what to do at each stage of growth

We make the science simple for you

Gardening becames easier with the App!

Getting started

Frequently asked questions

Can I use different seeds than the ones that you have listed on your website?

  • Yes you can, you can virtually use any type of seed in existence.
  • The app will help you approximate the nutritional need of any seed that you’re planting.

  • You can use our seedless pods and place your seeds in or find a different growth medium.

  • The varieties we have have been tested to fit well in the space the garden offers and grow well in hydroponics, we can’t guarantee the same behavior with other seeds, but we definitely encourage experimentation!

What gardeners are saying

"The system is really easy to use and the fresh fruits and vegetables are fantastic."

Logan G., Boston

"Taking care of the garden and using the app is such a breeze, and seeing the results has been truly exciting and gratifying."

Bree O., Chicago

"It's very solid and well made. It was easy to put together with most of it pre-assembled... I only have to add water and nutrients once a week, so it's pretty low maintenance."

Dan M., Chicago

"I've been eating grocery store vegetables most of my life, sad but true. Since I've purchased the Rise Garden, it's been life changing for my family. Our tastebuds have been revived! The set up is easy and the app is user friendly. I also love seeing my kids grab a leaf or two as they are walking by. It's the best fast food ever!"

Diana, Chicago IL

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