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Rise Gardens is an indoor hydroponic garden that helps you reduce food miles by growing fresh produce at home.

Reduce food miles to only a few steps

According to New York Times, most produce travels on average 1500 miles to get to you. While farmers market brings you produce from less than 200 miles away, we take the next step and help you make it hyperlocal:

With Rise Gardens, harvest produce by your dinner table and reduce food miles to just a few steps.

Reduce food waste by 50%

Billions of pounds of produce is wasted from farms to stores. By growing and harvesting your own food, you can reduce up to 50% of the food waste. Food waste contributes to 8% of total global greenhouse gas emissions, which ultimately accelerates climate change.

With Rise Gardens, waste the least and live the greenest.

Preserve 30% more nutrients

Less distance also means less time on the way. Produce in the grocery store might be days or weeks old and most produce loses 30 percent of nutrients just 3 days after harvest. We allow you to keep your produce fresh in the smart garden all the time, so that you can reap the full nutrients from every produce at harvest.

With Rise Gardens, enjoy more nutritious produce and stay healthier.

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