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Indoor Garden Extension

  • $299.99 CAD
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  • Description

    Expand your beautiful indoor garden with an additional level by adding our 13 5/8" Family Garden Extension for quick growing produce. With over 60+ varieties of herbs, veggies, lettuce & more! Family Garden Extension can be added to any Family Garden for up to 3 total levels. Base garden sold separately.


    36' x 16' x 52 5/8' inches (L x D x H)
    25 lbs


    3x 4 pod trays per level allows you to yield 12 plants per extension out of the box
    Upgrade to 8 pod tray or 12 pod tray to increase to up to 108 plants


    Custom LED panel mimics are included on the bottom of the extension. Connect in the garden and its ready to use.


    Indoor Garden components:
    3x 4 pod trays per level
    Self watering water tank, water pump, plumbing & inner tray
    Garden structure w/ wooden base, metal cabinet
    LED grow lights and metal shelf

    4 seed packs which include:
    2x salad mix box including arugula, romaine, butter lettuce, red oak lettuce
    1x basil box which includes 4 pods
    1x variety pack box including tomato, kale, Swiss charge & orange pepper

    18 Net Cups
    Nutrient Mix (one month’s worth)
    Nutrient Sensor
    1 year warranty


    Single or Double Family Garden
    36' x 16' space

Looking For Another Size?

Add Up To 3 Levels per Indoor Garden

The modular system of our indoor garden allows you to upgrade by adding a level at any time. Each level comes with 3x 4 pod trays which allow you to grow up to 12 additional plants per level out of the box.

Want even more? Upgrade to 8 pod tray lids or 12 pod tray lids to increase your indoor garden capacity to up to 36 plants per level!

  • 8 Pod Tray Lid

    $29.99 Explore
  • 12 Pod Tray Lid with Net Cups

    $29.99 Explore

Set Up in Minutes

Sophisticated yet easy to use, you can assemble your extension garden at any time. Comes with everything you need for set up.

  • Follow your assembly Guide
  • Set up in 15 minutes
  • Tap in Water
  • Add your new Pods directly into your trays

We Make it Smart

All of our indoor gardens are app enabled. We make it smart and easy to grow your produce while keeping track of progress on your indoor garden at all times. We want your indoor garden to be integrated into your life.

  • Keep track of your plantsKnow what to do at each stage of growth
  • Add the right mix of nutrients.
  • Reminds You to Add Water & Nutrients
  • Manage Lights

App Store Google Play

Need Some Inspiration?

Meet Real Life Rise Gardeners

Rise Gardens

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