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Now Shipping from Canada ðŸ‡¨ðŸ‡¦

Q: Does it connect to my water supply?

A: No. You add water just like you would in an outdoor garden with some type of watering can.

Q: Is it difficult to plant?

A: No. You just put a plant pod in a net cup and place it in an available hole in your system.

Q: Is it a lot of work to maintain?

A: No. Basic maintenance involves checking on water levels, pH levels and adding nutrients (adding them in the same place you add the water) once a week.

Q: What are nutrients?

A:They're macronutrients designed to help your plant sprout, thrive and blossom. Our app will tell you exactly which one to add when.

Q: How fast do the plants grow?

A: Fast! You will be able to grow a head of lettuce in 22-25 days!

Q: How many plants grow on each level?

A: Up to 12 plants at a time, although you might need to leave a little space if you are growing a bigger plant like peppers or tomatoes.

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